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My HDTV Antenna Setup and installation

My Antennas is mounted up using a wall bracket passing the roof. Below is a picture of my Antennas Direct DB4e mounted up pretty high.

Cut the cord canada with an Antennas Direct DB4e HDTV Antenna

We started by installing a HDTV Antenna, we called and took a visit to a local retailer of HDTV Antennas Save And Replay, we spent about 30 minutes in their store in Mississauga where they did a lookup of our physical address and asked us where our existing distribution point was in our house and how many TV's that we are splitting to. We figured out the length of cable to our distribution point, discussed where to mount our new HDTV Antenna and how to ground the antenna for lightening. We Purchased an Antennas Direct DB4e HDTV Antenna, a 18 inch wall mount, 10 foot mast (pole) some grounding cable a grounding block and a channel master 8 way Distribution (CM3418) amplifier as we have 5 televisions to feed in our house. With some great advice from Save And Replay we mounted our antenna pointed it using the compass on my iPhone at the compass setting recommended by  Save And Replay and then brought the a new RG6 Cable from our new Antennas Direct DB4e to our distribution point and replaced the cable company splitters with the channel master distribution amplifier. We went through our TV menu and changed our signal type from Cable to (Air Samsung) and (Antenna on Sony) and did a scan. Wow we waited a couple of minutes and stood there in total shock when we were watching channels from the US like PBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CBS, ABC as well as Canadian channels like CBC, TVO, City TV, Global in the best HD i have ever seen. The picture quality and sound was the best that i have ever seen. We got just over 30 channels most in HD and some sub networks from the US in SD. All the major networks were in glorious uncompressed HD. I made the call the next day to my wonderful cable provider to cancel my Television services. They gave me such a song and a dance talked about bundles and saving me money as i am a VIP customer and bundled all me services and how my cable TV bill was so cheap as it was in a bundled price. I told them that's fine take it off my bill a saving is a saving. So we had our first step to financial freedom from these blood suckers. We spent under $260 in this setup including antenna, mounting, pole, distribution amp, rg6 cables and grounding. One time fee for the best equipment for our location

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