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Experiences from other people when cutting the cord from Cable or Satellite
Rick St Catherines
We Purchased an Antennas Direct DB8e from SaveAndReplay with the Antennas Direct Retro Fit VHF Kit for CTV as this in VHF. As instructed by Save And Replay we Pointed one panel of the DB8e south East towards Buffalo and one Panel North towards The CN Tower. The Antenna is Mounted up high on the Chimney and we are receiving over 35 channels. We get all the Toronto channels as well as Buffalo and Hamilton CHCH and YesTv. Very impressed at the HD Quality from the Antenna. We also purchased the G-Box from Save And Replay and we are now cable FREE! We dont use a home phone as we both have cell phones and the kids have left home awhile ago. Coming Close to retirement and getting used to a fixed income this is the best solution for us, we wish we did this along time ago. We watch mainly CBC, PBS and TVO, on occasion we do watch CTV as we like the amazing race. And when there is nothing to watch on TV we now stream documentries and watch so many movies. Cutting the cord was the best experience for us and we are saving over $50 a month between cable bills and Netflix which has a lousey selection compared to using an Andriod TV box. Hope this helps someone else.
Steve Toronto
We purchased the Antennas Direct DB4e, which we have mounted in the attic with a winegard preamp purchased from Save And Replay in Mississauga, with there help and guidance a visit to their store and a couple of calls we have our antenna mounted on the wall near the top of the second story facing south. We get all the major networks from Toronto and the US. The picture quality is stunning and vibrant compared to paying for HD. When our cable company expected us the pay for a box per TV we made the jump to cutting the cord. We have been cable free now for almost 6 months. We too have purchased an Andriod TV box for more TV, as we like movies on cold winter nights. We are looking at this Ooma and that is our next step. We have never looked back and are saving over $70 a month, had we gone for the boxes that the cable company were trying to pawn upon us we would have been paying almost $100 a month for TV for all our 4 Televisions to get basic cable at worse quality. We even enjoy some of the oldies networks that over the air offers. We have cut the cord for good.
Gord Brampton
I Started in around 2009 with my first Antenna the DB8 from Antennas Direct in My Attic with a channel master 7777 preamplifier. I then upgraded to the Antennas Direct DB8e a few years back. Since the upgrade i now have over 30 channels of which over 25 i get all the time the others like ION i only get late at night and usually lose during the winter. I have saved so much money of the years and have always purchased all my equipment from Save And Replay in Mississauga
Diane Mississauga
I live in a Condo on the 22nd floor facing North, I had no idea how well i would do as i was informed by Save and replay that i am high up but facing the wrong direction. I have the Micron antenna that needs power i guess it has an amp, I just placed it on the cabinet next to the TV and i am receiving over 20 channels most in HD. We get a better rate for cable services through our Condo corperation but it still costs $30 a month for basic bad quality TV. I later purchased another antenna for my bedroom as i could not be bothered to split the signal and run a wire to my other TV. The bedroom has a window that faces more east than North and i am getting a couple of extra channels from my bedroom tv. I am also streaming TV with a streaming box. This is more tv then i will ever need and i am very happy with the channels that i receive for free.
Nadim Windsor
Ive been using a channel master 4228HD antenna with a channel master rotor now for a couple of years now getting local channels from Windsor and US channels for Toledo and Detriot, we are getting over 40 channels using these HD Antennas. We use streaming for my parents that watch Indian programming and we watch movies using streaming too. We are subscription free with no monthly bills for TV. We will look at home phone as my parents live with us and still like the home phone. Me and my wife have cell phones and dont care for the home phone. We have cut the cord and are enjoying no satellite bills for TV.
Frank Bradford
Ive been cable free for over 10 years now, we upgrade our old mini state radio shack Antenna that was omni-directional but had some issues with the far away US Networks and also some channels like City TV from Toronto. About 5 years ago we visited Save And Replay and we purchased a DB8, Channel Master rotor and a channel master 7777 Preamplifier. Now we get all the stations from Buffalo, Toronto and Hamilton. We have not paid for any cable TV subscription for years now and we have plenty of channels most in HD for Free!
Liam Milton
We were recommended by friends that have been using an Antenna for years, we were already streaming TV using a Kodi streaming box which has been great but we missed some local TV channels, simple things like the news or breakfast TV in the morning. Even as background TV while we are eating or cooking or have guests. Streaming is great for the extras but for just local TV programming and background noise we purchased an Antennas Direct DB4e from Save And Replay, we placed the Antenna in the Attic with a Preamplifier and ran the cable down to the splitter in the basement. We were lucky as when our house was built we paid for a conduit run from the attic the basement. This made the install very easy. Now we get around 26 channels and all the major networks. We really missed local programming for so many years and we refuse to pay a monthly bill for this service when it is avialable for free.
Doug Oshawa
We took a pretty similar step to what is mentioned here on this site, we also visited Save And Replay and upon their recommendation we have an Antennas Direct DB8e, one 4 bay pointing to Toronto and one pointing to Buffalo. We get almost 40 channels but around 34 reliably, We get channels from Buffalo, Toronto and some even from Rochester. We then went back for a streaming device the G-Box and we are now getting Movies and sporting events, its a fantastic combination. With all the money we saved we actually bought the channel master DVR+ we now also watch TV when we want to watch TV rather then being tied to the schedule of the programming times. This has been the best move we did and the transistion felt seamless. We changed our internet provider and we did not care for a phone service like Ooma as we both have cell phones so did not feel the need for a home phone.
Patrice Montreal
We have a channel master 4228HD and a channel master 7777 Preamp pointing to Burlington USA, we get over 20 channels some from Montreal and many from the US. We also stream recently we purchase the G-Box Q2, no more paying monthly for TV.
Robert Guelph
We Purchased the Antennas Direct DB8e with the Retro fit Kit for VHF some mounting also from Save And Replay, mounted on a tripod on the roof of our home. We Get Toronto, Buffalo and Hamilton channels. We get around 25 channels of Digital and HD signals and are extremely pleased with the results. I had great pleasure in calling our cable provider and cancelling our cable service. We now also stream from movies and some shows. We also purchased a channel master DVR+ its a great product as we were used to having a PVR before we save over $100 a month now and have not looked back since.
Tim Gravenhurst
We first looked at this for our cottage, we purchased a channel master 2020 for our cottage to get only 3 channels, CTV2 from Barrie, Global and CHCH from midland. This is better than paying for satellite for the cottage for rainy days or just to watch the news while we eat. After installing at our cottage we then bought a Clearstream C2V for our home in Scarborough , Toronto. With this little Antenna up on our chimney we get 29 channels from Toronto and Buffalo, we will look at streaming perhaps but right now we are very happy with the results of the HDTV Antenna.
Simon Vancouver
We have been on An Antenna for a couple of years now and recently purchased the Matricom G-Box for addtional streaming tv Channels via the internet. We get many channels from Vancouver and from the US. All major networks. We use an Antennas Direct DB8e and a Winegard Preamp. We are saving so much money and we have been using Ooma for over 2 years now, paying $4 odd a month for our home phone bill it works great.
Jack London
We have a Channel Master 4228HD and a channel master 4221HD on a tripod on our roof top with a winegard preamplifier between to channels we get from local networks in Canada and major Networks from Eire and our streaming tv andriod box we dont miss our satellite subscription. When visitors come to visit us they want to know why our picture quality is so good compared to what they are subscribing for HD and paying a monthly bill. We are saving a monthly bill and getting a better quality uncompressed HD.
Martin Kitchener
We were so fed up of the constant price increase on our cable bill and always calling to try and negoiate a better price, so we paid a visit to Save And Replay we purchased everything an Antennas Direct DB8e a winegard preamplifer, the G-Box for streaming and the Ooma home phone system. It was worth the drive to Mississauga, 2 months on we have no bill for TV, get more selection and better quailty HD. We are going to change our internet provider this month and we will be saving a ton of money over the next few months, it will take less then 6 months to pay for our investment. We will then go purchase the channel master DVR+. This transistion to Free TV has been fun and rewarding.
Sam Victoria
We have a clearstream 4V and an antennas direct Juice Preamp and are receiving around 20 channels from Canadian and US Networks, we use streaming tv for our British shows and Movies. Not paying cable or satellite we have cut the cord for over 6 months now and enjoying worry free HD TV with no bills
George Whitby
Using an Antennas Direct DB8e mounted in our Attic with a Preamp not sure which one picked it up from Save And Replay in Mississauga, and we are also using the G-Box Q2 for streaming some shows, sports and lots of Movies. Very happy no more cable bills
Carlo Surrey
We are using a Channel Master 4228HD mounted on our roof and receiving all the major networks in HD and some other channel is standard definition. We have cut the cable bill and have no monthly fees for any TV Services.
Pierre Laval
We stream through the internet using Kodi on our laptop and connecting the laptop to the TV, we have been doing this for years now, We use a an Antennas Direct Clearstream 2V with the Juice preamplifier and are receiving many HD channels for local tv programming and some US channels as well. Been Satellite Free for Over 2 years now. We get better quality and more than enough tv to watch between the HD TV Antenna and streaming.
Trevor Scarborough
We Purchased an Antennas Direct DB4e Put our Antenna up on our chimney, we are going to 4 televisions so we went back to Save And Replay as we were getting over 30 channels but would lose some of the major networks in the US at certian times. They recommended a channel master distribution amp the CM3414, once we connected it up we are now getting all the channels all the time. The picture is very good and in HD. We have cut the cord and not missing a thing. We have since gone back to Save And Replay and purchased the the G-Box and have so much choice. This has been the best investment we have made for our entertianment. We now are looking at the channel master DVR+ maybe a good christmas present.
Rob Burlington
This has been one of the most rewarding experiences and the joy of watching stunning HD on my tv for free. Got some help from Save And replay, from mounting tips to testing pointers, where to point what antenna and how to tackle my install from mounting to grounding and making my family happy as we are used to a PVR. I Purchased the antennas direct db8e a winegard LNA 200 some mounting equipment, coax cable and went home got my ladder from the garage and in a couple of hours i was done with cable bills. I get almost 40 channels most in HD. I have an antennas direct db8e one bay pointing to the CN tower the other pointing to buffalo. I am feeding 5 TV's and also purchased the channel master DVR+ and what a great DVR with all the features we were used to with our old PVR for cable. This has been the best investment to become cable free and cut the cord. Just yesterday we went back to save and replay and purchased the G-Box streaming box and played with it last night. So much TV and no time! We are going to pay for our investment before the end of the year and have no monthly bills for cable or satellite!